If there is one thing that history has taught us, it is that FASHION never goes out of style. It simply evolves and adapts to the current needs of the times. The COLLATERALS label is evidence of that fact. Our collection of men’s fashion products is a testimony to both a LUXURIOUS look and PRACTICAL use.


As he steps into a room, the COLLATERALS man exudes self-confidence and focused determination. It is not surprising that he has complete control of every facet of his life, including how other people perceive him. He embodies both masculine strength and masculine style, understanding the convenience that innovative luxuries offer. What he wears is a reflection of his calculated and tasteful choices. When he wears a business suit, he projects professionalism and an all-business attitude. But at the same time, he considers fashion to be an important ingredient of his self-expression and the COLLATERALS man uses this to his advantage.


Bouton de Manchette Collaterals
COLLATERALS is a luxury brand designed especially for the modern man. The idea behind our label is to provide today’s men with unique, elegant, and stylish shirt collar fasteners (which we call Collar-Links) and cufflinks, which boast of the latest technology and most innovative craftsmanship.
We present an innovative new concept in shirt collar stays for today’s men. These stays, or Collar-Links™, will take a shirt collar from various button-down styles to the classic collar bar look, with no alteration to the shirt necessary. Collar-Links™ studs rely on Flux Quantum magnetic charge technology making them a no-fuss, effective, and revolutionary approach that allows an easy solution to fix one’s collar in the desired place.   


Carlos Castillo founded COLLATERALS collection not so much as a brand, but as a radical movement for change in men's luxury accessories. His mission: to create one of the most innovative furnishing brand in the world. Each patent-pending design was conceived to reinvent the way accessories accent a dress shirt. Castillo states, “My COLLATERALS’ collection is designed for ambitious, tenacious, and high-profile men who dress for success and are looking for luxurious modern effect with the same caliber as the high-ticket watch, suit, or car they own.“